Alchemicraft is a mini survival game. Hunt, craft, and explore an island with strange materials and quirky creatures!


  • Tab: Open Inventory
  • Z: Attack
  • X: Pick up items
  • C: Cancel/Exit Inventory

The game is completeable but it's not exactly balanced correctly. Here's a few tips if you get stuck:

  • Recipes are discovered when you find new materials. Try hitting everything!
  • Hay is used for a bunch of recipes but only comes from bushes.
  • Rabbits are tricky to catch but you can trap them on corners and objects.

Sorry about all the wonky stuff! We hope you have fun with it!

P.S. Here's a list of bugs fixed after the jam:

  •  Fixed some recipes being impossible to craft due to lack of item drops
  • Corectly place Snail enemies
  • Fix sounds not playing on mega hitbox
  • Correctly name some incorrectly-named recipes
  • Correctly animate the player sprite when it gets hit
  • Fix UI incorrectly sizing on different resolutions
  • Fix equipment displays updating the wrong image/text
  • Fix hitboxes only hitting one object
  • Fix final sword sometimes destroying the game performance
  • Close gap in the island border

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 45
LinksLudum Dare


Download 23 MB
Download 26 MB


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Funny little game, especially liked the ending. My only critiques are that stamina management is really annoying early on and doesn't really seem to add anything, and also that late-game picking up items one at a time is really slow.

My ears bled


Such a fun little game. I think the recipes, and looking for new items, as well as trying to get more bag space is pretty well balanced. I beat it in just over an hour, and it was so much fun just running around destroying everything at the end. 


My sister was able to escape the island! She said it was satisfying to upgrade your equipment. Fun game, great work! The bulls were the best, hahaha.