Alchemicraft is a mini survival game. Hunt, craft, and explore an island with strange materials and quirky creatures!


  • Tab: Open Inventory
  • Z: Attack
  • X: Pick up items
  • C: Cancel/Exit Inventory

The game is completeable but it's not exactly balanced correctly. Here's a few tips if you get stuck:

  • Recipes are discovered when you find new materials. Try hitting everything!
  • Hay is used for a bunch of recipes but only comes from bushes.
  • Rabbits are tricky to catch but you can trap them on corners and objects.

Sorry about all the wonky stuff! We hope you have fun with it!

P.S. Here's a list of bugs fixed after the jam:

  •  Fixed some recipes being impossible to craft due to lack of item drops
  • Corectly place Snail enemies
  • Fix sounds not playing on mega hitbox
  • Correctly name some incorrectly-named recipes
  • Correctly animate the player sprite when it gets hit
  • Fix UI incorrectly sizing on different resolutions
  • Fix equipment displays updating the wrong image/text
  • Fix hitboxes only hitting one object
  • Fix final sword sometimes destroying the game performance
  • Close gap in the island border


Download 23 MB
Download 26 MB


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My sister was able to escape the island! She said it was satisfying to upgrade your equipment. Fun game, great work! The bulls were the best, hahaha.