Constellations move out of their proper alignment. Older folks swear that the night sky is dimmer. And the planet gets colder as the sun moves away, as if it can no longer stand our presence in the cosmos.

A sense of unease hangs over all students at Blakeley University for the Arcane, but life must go on.

The Stars Drift is a reflection on personal responsibility amidst the impending apocalypse.

It is a short piece of interactive fiction comprising four chapters. Total time to read is about thirty minutes.

Made with Ink for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2022.


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Deeply atmospheric & meditative, well written, and painfully relevant.

Love the characters! This was a very good game to just sit with and spend time thinking about. 

I'll be spending more time thinking about this game for sure.

This was such a poignant piece of interactive fiction, I really enjoyed my time with it. The choice to take such modern concerns and cast it in the kind of fantasy world we often escape to makes it feel so real.

I especially like how this was comprised of four vignettes rather than a single thread. The story leads the reader to interpret a lot about the world and the characters, a fantastic read.

I really liked the courses described in here, and the reluctance to use a fireball spell because of its cost even during life or death was a cool concept to introduce. Mia and Cren are adorable. The game felt almost like a quick therapy session, asking 'how does this make you feel' during a metaphor you already know relates to your experiences in real life. Nice work.