A downloadable game for Windows

An attempted clone of Starfox64's multiplayer. Original was made in just one month for #1GAM October 2015. I worked on the expanded version, off-and-on, for a year.

The original is local multiplayer only. The expanded version has a passable AI which is automatically inserted into the game if you start with only one player.

Supports keyboard and XBOX 360 controllers. Other controllers are probably mapped very strangely.

See "attrib.txt" in the download for credits. Big thanks to Art-Zen for the music.

The expanded version's controls can be found in the "Controls" menu, in-game.

Controls for the original version:

  • Pitch/Yaw: Mouse (right stick)
  • Fire: Left Mouse (A button)
  • Sharp turn: A/D (Left/Right bumpers)
  • Brake: S (B button)
  • Boost: Space (X button)
  • U-Turn: Pitch up & Ctrl (right stick up & Y button)
  • Somersault: Pitch down & Ctrl (right stick down & Y button)

Download the entire project source on github.

TagsFlight, Local multiplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


Wasteland Dogs 24 MB
Wasteland Dogs (Original) 14 MB


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chesus, xbox 1 controller? when was this thing made